I’ve been involved with production sound in one way or another since 1992. Thanks to some incredible mentors I have had the opportunity to work both as a location sound recordist, and as a post production sound mixer. I semi-retired from the industry upon moving to the US in 2000, but I have recently resurrected my production sound business and look forward to helping your production in any way that I can.

KIT LIST includes:

  • Sound Devices 688 and 633 Mixer/Recorder

  • Schoeps CCM41 and CMIT 5U Shotgun Microphones

  • Sennheiser MK416

  • Audio Ltd Radio Microphones (Six Transmitters – more available upon request) with a selection of Sanken Cos, Countryman, and DPA microphones.

  • Comtek IFB System (4 receivers)

  • Lectrosonics IFB System (2 receivers)

Previous clients Include:

  • Children’s BBC

  • ESPN

  • PTC Global

  • Dupont Films

  • Henson Productions

  • Channel 4 News

  • Pearson Publishing

  • ITV

  • Ragdoll Productions

  • BBC Documentary

  • RAC

For more information, or to book me for an upcoming shoot.